XCOM Uninstall on Linux PC
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XCOM Uninstall on Linux PC


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XCOM Data Transport XCOM Data Transport - Linux PC


Where is the uninstall utility for XCOM for Linux PC?


Release : 11.6

Component :  XCOM Data Transport for Linux PC


To obtain the uninstaller from a machine that has it installed properly:

 The Uninstaller script needs the files which are in the /apps/CA/XCOM/Uninstaller directory. So the instructions are:

  • tar the /apps/CA/XCOM/Uninstaller directory from a machine where the XCOM installation worked.
  • If you have a machine where XCOM is partially installed, copy the /apps/CA/XCOM/Uninstaller directory and run /apps/CA/XCOM/Uninstaller/Uninstaller.

To obtain the uninstaller if you do not already have it available, open a case with Broadcom support and will will supply it.