Point the current Orchestrator to a new EEM server
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Point the current Orchestrator to a new EEM server


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CA Process Automation Base Process Automation Manager


How can I point Process Automation's Orchestrator to a new EEM server?


Process Automation - All Versions


Instructions to point PAM to a new EEM server

On the old EEM server

  1. If you have Process Automation still registered to the original EEM then...

    Login to EEM with EiamAdmin
    Click on the Configure tab - then Applications
    Click on Process Automation then in the right hand pane click on Unregister

On the PAM server

  1. Stop PAM

  2. Delete PAM.p12 from

    ..\Program Files\CA\PAM\server\c2o\.c2orepository\public\certification

  3. Run the install again from the Third Party
    (it doesn't let you install the domain only).
    Go through the screens to the end
    Then run the Domain Installer

  4. After a few screens into the install it will ask you this question
    Reinstall or Reconfigure Existing Install

    CHOOSE Reconfigure Existing Install

  5. When you get to the EEM server details

    1. Put in the new EEM server name if it's not already there.
    2. Enter the SAME password for the EEM certification password field.
    3. Tick Register Application and Register application

    Wait for the message to say the application registered successfully.

  6. Go to the next screens do NOT make any changes and finish.

  7. Start the PAM process in services

  8. Login
    pamadmin with password pamadmin

All the old data is there.

At this point you can configure EEM to work with AD etc.