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Using timezone Europe/Moscow, AutoSys shows a 1-hour discrepancy in the logs and job reports


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CA Workload Automation AE CA Workload Automation AE - Scheduler (AutoSys)


When AutoSys runs using the Europe/Moscow timezone, jobs run at the correct time, but there is a 1-hour discrepancy in the $AUTOUSER/out/event_demon.$AUTOSERV log and also in any 'autorep' reports. This appears to occur only half of the year, during summer daylight savings time. The timestamps are 1 hour ahead of the actual time.


From the AEDB:

select str_val from aedbadmin.ujo_alamode where type='SERVER_TIMEZONE';


Line from event_demon log showing the Moscow timezone being used:

[04/01/2021 17:26:58]      CAUAJM_I_40211 Using TZ = Europe/Moscow.

$ autosyslog -e

Monitoring CA WAAE Scheduler Log: 

        *** To break out type control-c (^c) ***

[04/01/2021 17:29:00]      ----------------------------------------
[04/01/2021 17:29:00]      CAUAJM_I_40245 EVENT: STARTJOB         JOB: testjob_0037
[04/01/2021 17:29:00]      <Event was scheduled based on job definition.>
[04/01/2021 17:29:00]      CAUAJM_I_40245 EVENT: CHANGE_STATUS    STATUS: STARTING        JOB: testjob_0037    MACHINE:
[04/01/2021 17:29:00]      CAUAJM_I_10082 [ connected for testjob_0037 153128.89294.1]
[04/01/2021 17:29:01]      CAUAJM_I_40245 EVENT: CHANGE_STATUS    STATUS: RUNNING         JOB: testjob_0037    MACHINE:
[04/01/2021 17:29:01]      <Executing at WA_AGENT_37>
[04/01/2021 17:29:01]      CAUAJM_I_40245 EVENT: CHANGE_STATUS    STATUS: SUCCESS         JOB: testjob_0037    MACHINE: EXITCODE:  0

However, the actual date time is 16:29:

$ date
Thu Apr  1 16:29:39 MSK 2021

$ autorep -J testjob_0037

Job Name                                                         Last Start           Last End             ST/Ex Run/Ntry Pri/Xit
________________________________________________________________ ____________________ ____________________ _____ ________ _______
testjob_0037                                                     04/01/2021 17:32:00  04/01/202117:32:00  SU    89297/1  0    


This issue is was only reproduce-able by Broadcom on AutoSys 11.3.6 SP8. Testing in AutoSys 12.0 demonstrated the issue has been fixed as of 12.0.

As a workaround, the issue was resolved in AutoSys 11.3.6 SP8 by using the MSK-3 timezone instead of Europe/Moscow.

You can configure this by using the TZ variable in the the $AUTOUSER/<hostname> file:

$ cat $AUTOUSER/<hostname> | grep TZ
#TZ=Europe/Moscow ; export TZ
TZ=MSK-3 ; export TZ

The Scheduler will need to be restarted for the change to take effect. To confirm if the change has taken effect, verify the $AUTOUSER/out/event_demon.$AUTOSERV file and check for this line:

CAUAJM_I_40211 Using TZ = MSK-3.