Collectors not staying connected.
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Collectors not staying connected.


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CA Application Performance Management (APM / Wily / Introscope)


There was a Linux patching on the APM component servers and now the collectors won't stay connected.  This matches an issue we saw in the past and fixed as per the instructions at this URL:

These changes were made previously and fixed the collectors connection issues when the Linux servers were patched.  Now we are having the same problems and the APM cluster in our test environment is not stable.  The collectors don't stay connected and WebView won't start as the MoM is not stable.  This is very important as there are performance tests have been conducted in the environment and the folks can't review the metrics.



Release : (SP3)

Component : Introscope


Increase the clamp (agent.connection.limit) if a collector has more than 200 agents when stabilized, as hitting the clamp itself will destabilize the cluster. The clamp should be set high enough so that no collector will hit the clamp even when one or collectors are down.