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Documentation is required for MOVE of group of resources failing


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


I have a group of CICS and DB2 resources we issue SSM moves using GAV2CMDR.

This group is called CICSXXXX3 and contains numerous tasks.

We have 3 LPARs in this sysplex (TEST, SYSB, SYSCC).  We started with a move from SYSB to SYSC successfully.  Then a move from SYSC to TEST successfully.  Then a move from TEST to SYSB where it failed.  The tasks showed the DESIRED SYSTEM of SYSB, but the tasks only shutdown with out moving to SYSB.  Eventually I just restarted the tasks on TEST. 

Please advise what documentation is required.


Release : 13.5

Component : OPS/MVS


A copy of the REXX code being called by the command, along with all of the archived OPSLOGs for the various systems involved in the moves is required.   It this can be recreated, then it is helpful to set a TRACE I at the beginning of the REXX code, and to have SSMAUDIT parameter set to YES prior to the recreation.   The SSMAUDIT parm can be set in option =4.1.1