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The scope of a PUBLISH statement doesn't work if placed in the EVENT Process section.


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


When a PUBLISH statement with any scope is placed in the 'Event Process' section of an event, it always passes the value of the variable all the way back up to the TOP.
When used in a the 'Process' of the Event or in a SCRI object it works as expected.



If you use

:PUBLISH &pub#,,"TASK"

in the Event Process the variable gets published always as '*TOP*' was used, up to the top WF. *TASK* and *WORKFLOW* are ignored.
This is inconsistent with the normal usage of PUBLISH:..... "TASK" within a normal script


Software Bug


Release : 12.3



The issue has been confirmed be a bug. The fix will be available in versions:

Automation.Engine 12.2.10 - available

Automation.Engine 12.3.7 expected end of october 2021

Automation.Engine 21.0.0 - available

Additional Information

A similar problem the :PSET function will be fixed with this correction. The values provided by :PSET in the Event Process will then no longer be forwarded to the grandfather workflow. Thus :PSET will also behave as documented.