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Already imported LDAP/AD users get import option again


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CA Release Automation - Release Operations Center (Nolio)


 When using the import function can see it displays a user that already exists. We haven't tried importing an existing user.


In investigation it was found that this is an old/migrated users from old RA version. On validating the user entry in DB it was found that the user has LDAP_DN=NULL/EMPTY. The RA validate the LDAP_DN to determine if the user is imported from LDAP or not. It matches the same for specified user filter in DB to determine if the "user can't be re-imported" or can be "re-imported".


1: There is no problem in terms of functionality w.r.t. user showing re-import message as the only one record existing in DB. User are uniquely identified by there username.


Release : 6.6, 6.7




Workaround (In case if you want to get rid of message)

1: Identify the user detail from table "Select * from users where username like '%USER_NAME%'. Please change USER_NAME by respective username in your environment.

2: Either of the below mentioned workaround can be applied

   2.1: Remove the user and re-import the user again from LDAP/AD

   2.2: Identify a user with correct behavior and check the LDAP_DN for that user and modify the problematic user LDAP_DN in accordance to correct user.

3: Try to search for the user and the message "already imported" should appear.