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Some files still exist after try to remove incomplete installation in Linux


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Service Virtualization


By checking the DevTest server components(after installation) in Linux Server, found some problems and decided the installation was failed.
Then to remove the incomplete installation, tried to remove all the DevTest installation directory($LISA_HOME directory). 
However, some files still exist below $LISA_HOME directory. And these files cannot be deleted.


Normally, if the installation failure for DevTest in Linux, then the steps for removing incomplete installation like below:

  1. Stop all the DevTest components(if some of the components already started)
  2. If uninstall command in the %LISA_HOME is existed, then use "uninstall"
  3. Delete $LISA_HOME directory

However, if the step 1 was skipped, this type of problem occurs.


Release : 10.6

Component : CA Service Virtualization installed in Linux


To recover this type of environment, please do one of the workaround below:

  1. Reboot Linux
  2. Check the java and DevTest related processes and kill the processes

And delete $LISA_HOME directory.

Additional Information

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