Webview link between calculated metric and Investigator is incorrect
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Webview link between calculated metric and Investigator is incorrect


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CA Application Performance Management (APM / Wily / Introscope)


In WebView when you hover over a data point on one of the calculated metrics and click the hyperlink, it takes you to a blank page in the Investigator. It should take you to the calculated metric in the Investigator:


If you do the same in WebView for one of the OOTB metrics, it takes you to that metric in the Investigator which is the expected behaviour.

If in Workstation you click on either the calculated metric or the OOTB metric hyperlink, it takes you to that metric/calculated metric in the Investigator. This is the expected behaviour




APM 10.7


This is the redirect url when click on the Dashboard Tooltip link:

http://<Webview Server>:8080/#investigator;smm=false;tab-in=mb;tab-tv=pd;tr=0;uid=SuperDomain%257CCustom+Metric+Host+(Virtual)%257CCustom+Metric+Process+(Virtual)%257CCustom+Metric+Agent+(Virtual)%253AzAvgCPUPercent


And this is the working url for that calculator metric:

http://<Webview Server>:8080/#investigator;smm=false;tab-in=mb;tab-tv=pd;tr=0;uid=SuperDomain%257CCustom+Metric+Host+(Virtual)%257CCustom+Metric+Process+(Virtual)%257CCustom+Metric+Agent+(Virtual)%257CzAvgCPUPercent


The difference is the last separator character before the metric name: %253A(':') vs. %257C('|')


This issue is actually not really related to the calculator, but the special metric path with the metric directly under the Agent, like domain|host|process|agent:metric. 

Seems for this kind of metric, WV only works with domain|host|process|agent|metric in url.


Open a case with Broadcom Support and ask for a fix for defect DE500516