Configuring VIP Enterprise Gateway HTTP proxy settings
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Configuring VIP Enterprise Gateway HTTP proxy settings


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VIP Service


The VIP Enterprise Gateway supports proxy servers using anonymous or basic authentication. Refer to the HELP section of the VIP Enterprise Gateway for instructions for configuring an HTTP Proxy. 


The HTTP Proxy connection is handled by its own process within the VIP Enterprise Gateway, separate from the Health Check service process. 

When The VIP Enterprise Gateway Automatic Business Continuity feature is enabled, the Health Check feature monitors connectivity between the VIP Enterprise Gateway and Symantec-hosted VIP Services, and signals the Validation Server to go into Business Continuity mode if loss connectivity to VIP Services exceeds the duration\interval in the Health Check settings. 

If the VIP Enterprise Gateway host is connected to the VIP User Service through an HTTP proxy, a delay can occur at the proxy level when recovering from a lost connection. This delay may affect the timely switching between normal and the Business Continuity modes. As an administrator, you can control the switching time by adjusting the settings in the Automatic Business Continuity configuration file located at <VIP EG install>/conf/ by adding the following entry:


This value should be ample time to recover from a lost connection between the HTTP Proxy and the VIP EG. During this time, the Health Check service will continue to monitor VIP Cloud connectivity, resumes when this time has elapsed. 

You must restart all the Validation servers to make this change take effect.