Unable to install cube(s) because 'Prerequisites have not been met'
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Unable to install cube(s) because 'Prerequisites have not been met'


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IT Analytics Data Loss Prevention Endpoint Protection


When selecting cubes to install in IT Analytics (ITA), the status of one or more is:

Prerequisites have not been met


Release : 2.9.x

Component : Cubes


The ITA cubes are populated using queries generated by views stored in the ITA database. If the views required by a cube are missing, ITA will warn that the prerequisites for that cube have not been met.


To resolve this warning, first ensure the correct content pack and version is installed for your data source (i.e., DLP or SEP), and that a data source has been configured in ITA. When you add a data source to ITA, a corresponding linked server is defined in SQL Server. The stored procedures that create the views in the ITA database require the existence of at least one linked server in order to populate the views with the correct parameter for each data source.

Once you've ensured a data source is configured in ITA, refresh the Cubes Installation tab. If the cube status is still 'Prerequisites have not been met', connect to the ITA database using SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). From there, navigate the hierarchy in Object Explorer to the folder Databases > ITAnalytics > Views and confirm whether views are installed. The total number of views will vary depending upon which content pack and cubes have been installed: for DLP, the total number of views is 94; for SEP, 201.* Because of this, determining which views (if any) are missing may require the assistance of Broadcom Support.

The following stored procedures create the views in the ITA database:

  • spITAnalytics_DLP_CreateViews
  • spITAnalytics_SEP_CreateViews

* These numbers correspond to an installation of ITA 2.9.1 and the DLP 15.7 and SEP 14.2.2 content packs.