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Dx Spectrum : Schedule maintenance is working with one hour delay.


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CA Spectrum


Schedule maintenance is working with one hour delay.

Scheduled maintenance for a device from 05:30 CET. But it actually started at 06:30 CET. Spectro server is in different time zone, OC is in different time zone.


Release : 10.4.1

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


Enable the schedule debugging and check how the timer was registering in SpectroServer.

To enable schedule debugging : 

  1. Runtime using VNMSH action command :
    ./update action=0x10603 mh=<schedule mh>
  1. To enable before starting of SS ( through .vnmrc for all schedules)

Collect the VNM.out logs, create a new support case & upload. Allow Broadcom Support to analyze the logs & revert back.

Additional Information

FAQ on logs collection.

How much storage is it going to consume to log?
1 -2 GB.

What will be the outcome of this debug? 
Gives logs which contains how spectrum executed and register the schedules. 
Can we keep it running for longer like few weeks may be?
Depends on the System configuration.