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Configuration Items with the same name among different tenants


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When an environment is multi-tenanted, what are the possibilities of having configuration items with the same name among different tenants?


CA Service Desk 17.1 and higher


If multi-tenancy is enabled, it is possible to have configuration items with the same name, but only among child tenants. It is not possible between parent tenants and child tenants. If parent tenants can go through child tenants, it is not possible to have configurations with the same name among them.

See scenario below:

It possible to have for example the configuration item "Another" both in tenants A and B.

On the other hand, see what happens if there is an attempt to create one more configuration item named "Again":

It throws the message:

AHD05541:Creation of new Configuration Item aborted as Configuration Item (Again) already exists. Continuing to click the 'Save' button will update the existing Configuration Item.

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