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Jobs in "Pending for Process Engine" state


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We find that there are some processes in "Pending for Process Engine" state in Home -> Reports and Jobs -> Jobs -> Scheduled Jobs page. Is this expected?


Latest version tested against: 15.9.1


The following 3 jobs will be present in the Scheduled subpage, with "Pending for Process Engine" status:

1. Assign Incident
2. Content Add-In Installer
3. Content Packager Job

There is no need to take any action on them. Each of these jobs have a corresponding process that they are tied to. Whenever those processes get triggered, they call the job in turn. The job then executes and completes. Even if the jobs that are in "Pending for Process Engine" status are cancelled, if the process is triggered, then the process initiates a new instance.

In addition, note that this job status is not filterable (not available in the filter within the page).

Additional Information

Jobs in "Job Template For Process Engine" status