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ServiceDesk is displaying duplicate queue names when trying to assign a subtask.


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The customer sees duplicate names for their queues when trying to assign a subtask in ServiceDesk. 



ServiceDesk 8.5 RU3, RU4


Is this normal to have duplicate queues entries?

Yes, if you've got a group and queues with the same name. 

As subtasks can be assigned to users, groups, and service queues, the auto complete functionality of that input box is looking at all 3 groups of data. Because the customer has both Groups & Service Queues with the exact same name they will see double entries when they type in that field.

Is there a way to only display the Service queue, and hide the groups?

They would modify the Create Subtasks form that they've already modified to change the AutoComplete functionality of the input box to not include the Group data.
We know they've already modified that form because by default it has 3 links: Select User, Select Group, & Select Service Queue. You can see in the screenshot above that the "Select Group" link is not displayed.

This type of change is not part of what we support in telling you how to change it but hopefully, this makes sense to you based on your processes and configuration.

You have customization in the "Create subtasks" form. Someone has included in the Autocomplete functionality to include Groups as well, causing to consider a Group as an element to be displayed as a Queue name. 

We know that this form has been modified because by default it should show "Select Person", "Select Service Queue", "Select Group".