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Modern UX; Issues with Task Module To Dos Assign field: Performance lag and error


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In the Modern UX when assigning a 'To Do' in the tasks module the lookup performance is slow and we are getting intermittent error when searching for a resource (Error API-1011: The given offset 'XX' is invalid (usually shows 25) . must be a whole positive number and less than total number of records.) The error occurs for all users however the slowness is experienced by non-admins only. The error definitely seems to appear due to the lag in loading the data. but non admin users have a much worse lag in waiting for the dropdown to appear. 


Release : 15.8.1

Component : Clarity Application


This is related to DE60160 and it is resolved in 15.9.2.

SUMMARY: MSSQL performance problem when searching for a resource when assigning the To Do in Modern UI TASKS Module, Details Flyout, To Do tab, 'Assign' field on 15.9.1

This lookup is also on the Cross-Project Task list Details Fly-out and on the (old) TASK LIST Module Details fly-out.  In 15.9.2, the TASKS Module Details fly-out no longer uses this special lookup that appends the role to the pull-down display therefore the performance is not impacted, but the other places that use the old-style To Dos page will still have this issue.  We can see this in the (old) TASK LIST Module and the Cross-Project, Enterprise Tasks List Details Fly-out for the To Dos sub-tab.  The cause of this issue is that the lookup has extra logic to append the primary role to the name of the resource and that is causing the performance issue. 

1. Go into a Project with a Blueprint that has the (old) TASK LIST Module 
2. Go to the TASK LIST Module, Details Flyout, To Do tab, click 'New To Do' button 
3. Add a To Do called 'Test' 
4. Provide a Due Date and click the 'Assign' link 
5. Search for the last name of a user 

1. From the Menu Navigation, go to the TASKS Workspace, Details Flyout, To Do tab, click 'New To Do' button 
2. Add a To Do called 'Test' 
3. Provide a Due Date and click the 'Assign' link 
4. Search for the last name of a user 
5. Expected Results: When assigning a To Do, the resources are listed with little or no delay. 
Actual Results: There is lag loading the data waiting for the dropdown to appear. 
Workaround: None.