Spectrum/VNA AP not modelled correctly after reboot and new IP
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Spectrum/VNA AP not modelled correctly after reboot and new IP


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CA Spectrum


We installed VNA integrated with Cisco Meraki devices. They have a bunch of Access Points installed and those AP's receive their IP through DHCP, so  are not fixed. 
Last night, 1 AP rebooted and received a new IP. This resulted in spectrum giving a critical alarm "device has stopped responding to polls" because it can not ping the old IP anymore.  After the reboot, spectrum sees the same AP (the same name) popping up in spectrum with same MAC, but different IP address and unfortunately is not correlating this alarm. 


Release : 20.2

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


After going through the debug logs it is identified that, the issue is because of uncertified AP SysOIDs.


During webex we have seen "SysOID=" Access Point is modeled as GnSNMPDev model type.


Please follow below steps to certify new SysOIDs and get rid of the issue,

  1. Open "Tools > Utilities > Device Certification..."
  2. Create new device mapping
    • System Object Id:
    • Device Type Name: Meraki MR46 AP
    • Model Type Name: MerakiAP
    • Model Class: Wireless
  3. Similarly repeat Step-2 for all unknown/new SysOIDs.
  4. Save the mapping.
  5. Delete existing uncertified AP models.
  6. Perform "Sync" action, so that old uncertified APs will be remodeled as MerakiAP model type.


Perform AP IP change activity via reboot ==> Since Access Points are certified, we should not see the issue re-occurring.