Board view columns missing in MUX
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Board view columns missing in MUX


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When navigating to Board views some of the columns are missing.

My Board columns are sorted by a custom lookup attribute and columns that I am expecting to view are missing.

Board view columns that are sorted by a lookup based attribute, might not display all columns, cards if some of the lookup values are deactivated.


1. Administration > Data Administration > Lookups 
2. Create a lookup: my_lkp
   Source: Static List
   Values: Value A (a), Value B (b), Value (c), Value D (d), Value E (e), Value F (f), Value G (g), Value H (h), Value I (i), Value J (j), Value K (k)
3. Administration > Studio > Objects > Investment object
   Create a lookup type attribute linked to the lookup above: 
   Name: Roadmapping, ID: roadmapping, API attribute ID: z_roadmapping
4. Administration > Studio > Objects > Roadmap Item object
   Create a lookup type attribute linked to the lookup above: 
   Name: Roadmapping, ID: roadmapping, API attribute ID: z_roadmapping
5. Create a Roadmap
6. Import some projects or create some roadmap items.
7. On the Grid view, pull the Roadmapping attribute to the view.
8. Populate the field with different values
9. Go to the Roadmap Board > View Options.
   Set the Columns to be displayed as per the Roadmapping attribute
10. Notice that the roadmap items are being organized as per the value of the Roadmapping field
11. Go to lookup in steps 2.
12. On the values tab, deactivate some values on a random manner
13. Go back to the Roadmap Board

Expected Results: Columns that hold active values to display (Black Header letters). 
                                Columns that hold inactive values to display if a card actually holds that value (Grey Header letters)
Actual Results: Not all columns that are expected are displayed.



Clarity 15.8.1, 15.9.1


This is caused by DE60698


Workaround: Order the lookup values manually instead of using an alphanumeric order. Move the active values to be displayed on top. That way all active columns will be displayed.

Some work was done on the area in 15.9.2 though another defect DE58031, but there are still scenarios where columns that should be displayed will be dropped.

The approach taken in fixing the original defect DE58031 was to load all of the attributes on a lookup and then do a client side filter to remove values that are deactivated. Meaning that for a brief moment you will see all of the lookup values (active and deactivated), then we remove the deactivated ones. We did this because a deactivated value can have associated cards and we allow the user to move impacted cards (belonging to a deactivated value) off of the deactivated column. Once the last associated card has been removed, we can remove the column.

This direct binding of the columns to the lookup values is integral to the board design. A new feature would be required to evaluate a change to the core design.




Additional Information

In order to reproduce the issue, the random values deactivated might need to be changed. Deactivate the 2nd, 4th and 5th value. Or the 3rd, 6th, 8th values. At some point you will see it reproduced. 
The same behavior happens on the project common grid.