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Per Period Metrics entering data skips cells / doesn't save value inputted


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When tabbing through and updating data such as ETCs in Per Period Metrics (TSV / Time scale Value) in the Modern User Experience (UX), it doesn’t set the value entered in some fields. This is reproduced with both tabbing on keyboard and mouse clicking. It happens in group by and non-group by. 


  1. Create a project with 5 assignments
  2. Go to the Assignments module in the project
  3. In View->Options set the below:
    • Periods = Months
    • Start Period = 2021-05
    • End Period = 2021-10
    • Total Columns = Sum of Periods
    • Per Period Metrics – Select ETC
  4. Click on an assignment, and enter an ETC for the first period (2021-05), click tab to go to the next period
  5. Repeat the above step for each period

Expected Results: Value is correctly populated in each cell. 

Actual Results: Sometimes the value is not set in the cell and remains as the previous value.


This is caused by: DE60693


Release : 15.9.1

Component : Clarity Project Management


Fixed in 15.9.2.

Workaround: Ensure data is entered before tabbing to the next cell. Use the copy and paste method (if values being entered are the same).

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