NSQL based portlet throwing error with link
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NSQL based portlet throwing error with link


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We're developing a new NSQL based portlet for an Object that has partitions assigned

When we enable the link on an Attribute field, and click one of the links, we get an error like:

[en - Unable to process request.  Server or Network error]

or a 500 error related to rights


Release : 15.9.1

Component : CA PPM STUDIO


This behavior occurs due to the NSQL query being unable to consider the rights that a Resource has to access a record based on the partition.

Since the NSQL query doesn't include the user's rights to a specific partition, it will fail when the results attempt to display in the user interface, assuming the user has no rights to the partition.


This is a limitation of NSQL queries, as they don't include the user's partition rights when the query is performed. The results are working as expected, so using a "link" for an attribute in this scenario will not be possible.