Recommendation on data retention - Session info
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Recommendation on data retention - Session info


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Clarity PPM On Premise


We would like to get broadcom recommendations on keeping user session and login info. We want to keep this data for a year.

We would like to know, if there are any limitations or performance issues which we may face.



Release : 15.8.1

Component : Clarity On Premise


To store session and login info, we write it to the LOG_SESSIONS table.

Normally, this gets archived for everything 14 days or older.

To extend that, you may change this job

"Delete Log Analysis Data" 

Change the Log Retention and Session Token retention values.


We usually recommend 30 days for logs and 14 days for sessions.

If you want to extend that for the past 365 days, that's fine.

However, we would need to keep a close eye on the size of this table.

I do not have a benchmark to offer, but we can check the size of the table after a day or week.  Each customer is different in terms of volume.

Your DBA can run a query like this.  Based on the results your DBA can predict how much space they will need.


Performance issues will arise if this table becomes too large

SELECT owner,segment_name,segment_type,tablespace_name,bytes/1048576 MB,initial_extent,next_extent,extents,pct_increaseFROMDBA_SEGMENTSWHEREOWNER = 'table owner' ANDSEGMENT_NAME = 'table name' ANDSEGMENT_TYPE = 'TABLE'/