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502 Bad Gateway: Registered Endpoint Failed to Handle any requests from Fiddler to VSE Services


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Service Virtualization


Needed to replace an expired license file.

After updating new license now not able to hit any VSMs from Fidler Web Client or even putting the request from the browser.

Error we get:

The connection to '' failed.  <br />System.Security.SecurityException Failed to negotiate HTTPS connection with; HTTPS handshake to (for #8) failed. System.IO.IOException The handshake failed due to an unexpected packet format.

There have been no recent changes to our certificates and none have expired.


Port 443 got hung.(all services running on port 443)


Release : 10.3

Component : CA Service Virtualization


What was happening is that all services are running on port 443.  When the VSE came up after applying the license, one service was up and running but showing an error.  At that point the port got hung so no other services running on that port could have requests sent to it, hence the 502 error.

Additional Information

1) Case was opened because the Registry went down.  The license had expired.

2) We got a new license, applied it and everything came up with no issues.

3) Logged into the Portal and could see all the virtual services running, but there are no counts.

4) Sent a request from Fiddler Web Client tool and getting this a 502 error.

5) Did some cleaning in the VSE environment will also help any other issues.

. Stopped the VSE.
. In DevTest_Home/vseDeploy/VSE_2013 folder, deleted all the *.tracking folders.
. In DevTest_Home/vseRecordings/VSE_2013 folder deleted all the files.
. In DevTest_Home/vsBuilderSessions/VSE_2013 folder deleted all the files.
. Deleted lisatmp_10.x.x/lads folder from your logs .
. Restarted VSE.
. There was one virtual service that had a error.

6) Send a request from Fiddler and still getting error.

7) We then created a test case from the Workstation to run against a service in the ITR.  We needed to change the port of the service since it was still running in the VSE. Changed the port from 443 to 7443 and the name of the service to a different name.

8) We were able to successfully send a request to the service.

9) We then sent a request from Fiddler to that service and it work as well.

10) Brought down the VSE.

11) Renamed the DEVTEST_HOME\vseDeploy\VSE_2013 to a different name.

12) Started the VSE and copied a few mar files from the renamed VSE to the new VSE_2013.

13) Used Fiddler client to hit the services and was successful.

14) Copied the rest of the mar files and was able to send requests from Fiddler.

NOTE: Might be good practice to not have all services run on the same port.