Issues fixed - 20.3.3 HF1 patch - Components
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Issues fixed - 20.3.3 HF1 patch - Components


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Issues fixed -  20.3.3 HF1 patch - Components


Release : 20.3



# Issues fixed -  20.3.3 HF1 patches Components
1 Golden Metrics - Availability and Reachability metrics are missing Operator Console Webapp
2 Inventory View - Performance Issue Operator Console Webapp
3 Origin based device list in Group Config and Metric Viewer Operator Console Webapp
4 CSS issue with Groups widget in device details Operator Console Webapp
5 Access Control Restriction to edit MCS Profiles in OC MCS UI APP
6 Origins assigned to Robots are not being considered MCS UI APP
7 Group Operations - Presence of external library or dependency Operator Console
8 Code quality with buggy and invalid syntaxes Operator console, SLM, Report Scheduler
9 Multiple external resources/libraries/dependencies Operator console, SLM, Report Scheduler
10 Group Operations - 401 error on Reports tab in OC CABI
11 Cold start of the wasp probe MCS UI APP
12 Security policy issue SLM, Operator Console Webapp
13 No metrics seen for alarm policy at group level with Oracle DB Operator Console Webapp
14  MCS UI - Unable to get Referenced device for Profiles MCS UI APP
15 Implement Line chart break for null values  Operator console
16 RSP MCS Profiles Disabled after changes made MCS UI App
17 SLA/SLO Summary Reports not exporting to PDF for some items.  SLM
18 Devices list and devices to be deleted list are having mismatch Operator Console WebApp
19 column-specific filters don't actually filter out devices for deletion Operator Console WebApp
20 AO Profile to clear nutanix alarms not working Alarm Viewer API
21 Cannot acknowledge alarms retrieved by the zEvent probe Alarm Viewer API