SMF Data Type Counts
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SMF Data Type Counts


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JARS SMF Director


Is there a way to get the SMF data type counts for all types for a particular day and lpar without doing an extract or dump?   What is the best method to get this information?



Release : 12.7

Component : CA SMF Director


CA SMF Director does not keep information like that readily available.  CA SMF Director does have a count of the number of records in each history file in it's archive, but not a count down to the type.  SMF Director does also keep track of which SMF record types are in a history file, but not the count of how many there are. 

Unfortunately, the only way to gather this information without any special set up is to run an EXTRACT for the data.  

If you want to set up something with SMF Director to track this going forward, it can be done.  The AUDITREPORT control statement allows for the record summary report to also be produced as a file that can be used by an application.  The TODD(ddname) operand indicates where the file is to be written.  This file contains the counts of types and subtypes as well as other information about the records in a particular dump. The file mapping macro sent with the product is SMFMROUT, and is available in your CASFMAC library in your installation target libraries.

This would need to be done in conjunction with forcing a dump to happen just around midnight every night.  Once that's done, the data from all of the day's dumps could be read in and summarized with the information you want. 

SMF Director does not track statistics like that at this point in time, though.