Timesheets from Closed periods shown in Modern UX
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Timesheets from Closed periods shown in Modern UX


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We see old timesheets from Closed periods shown in Modern UX, after we enabled it. 


  1. Connect to Clarity 15.9.1 with open time periods back in time to simulate old timesheets
  2. Enable a resource for timesheets
  3. Now go to Classic Timesheets
  4. Filter for this resource
  5. Find a timesheet way back in time, note the exact week it's for
  6. Open it, Add a Task, Save
  7. Now go to Reporting Time Periods
  8. Select and close the period for this timesheet
  9. In Classic Timesheets, note the Timesheet no longer displays
  10. Now enable and go to Modern UX
  11. Go to Timesheet Grid, look for the Timesheet and Resource we entered above

Expected Results: The Timesheet should not display in Modern UX as the time period is closed

Actual Results: The Timesheet does not display in Classic, but displays in Modern UX. Some customers have old timesheet data they were filtering out in this way and they find it displaying when they switch to Modern UX



Release : 15.9+



This was analyzed with Product Management through DE60677


This is working as designed. In 15.9.1 the Modern UX timesheets module was enhanced to allow users to filter so they can see the Timesheets within Closed Time Periods.

In Modern UX we have a field 'Time Period is Open' for which you can configure on the grid and filter out the Closed Time periods (Time Period is Open = Yes - to show only open periods).

When navigating on the timesheet carousel you can see the timesheets from Closed Time Periods along with their status. There is a banner on the timesheet itself informing the period is closed.