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How to address TRAC200C - S878 ABEND IN GJTRARCH error message?


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A S878 abend in GJTRARCH can occur if the index for the capture file is too large.  The abend
can also occur for Top Secret user due to orphan  storage  entries in subpool 229 which is resolved by fix
SO06140 (which SUPs SO05230) to address the problem.           


Release : 11.0

Component : CA Datacom/AD


The TRAC200C - S878 ABEND IN GJTRARCH AT +UNKNOWN error can occur if the index of the sysout capture file is too large.  Jobtrac needs a lot of storage below the line to read the capture file.  Jobtrac reads the  whole index into memory below the line.  If there is insufficient storage below the line larger size files may exhaust the storage that is needed below the line and result in a S878 abend.  Reduction in the size of the index of the capture file is the best option to avoid the S878 abend.   To reduce the index add  PARM='NN' (NN=CYL FOR INDEX) to the  EXEC PGM=GJTRVFMT statement in the CAPMOVE job in the SAMPJCL library.

Another cause of TRAC200C - S878 ABEND IN GJTRARCH AT +UNKNOWN error is associated with a known problem with Top Secret where thousands of orphaned storage entries in SubPool 229 eventually causes the storage to be used up. Top Secret fix SO06140 (which SUPs SO05230) is required to address an issue with S878 abend for GJTRARCH for Top Secret users. 

As always, please contact Broadcom support for Jobtrac Job Management  if you have further questions.