Spectrum - deviceIPAddressList attribute - general Q&A
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Spectrum - deviceIPAddressList attribute - general Q&A


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CA Spectrum


This article provides answers for some questions about deviceIPAddressList attribute.

For this, let's consider the following results for both vnmsh and rest api queries:


spectrum@xxxxxx ~/vnmsh $ ./show attributes    attr=0x12a53 mh=0x11803f
Id                Name                                     Iid                               Value
0x12a53     deviceIPAddressList               xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx          2
0x12a53     deviceIPAddressList               xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx          24
0x12a53     deviceIPAddressList               xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx          23
0x12a53     deviceIPAddressList               xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx          25

rest api:


-<model mh="0x11803f">
<attribute id="0x1006e">aaa.aaa.aaa</attribute>
<attribute id="0x10000">Host_Device</attribute>
-<attribute-list id="0x12a53">

<instance value="2" oid="4.xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx."/>
<instance value="24" oid="4.xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx."/>
<instance value="23" oid="4.xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx."/>


Release : 20.2.x


Q: What is the meaning/significance of the "value" field in deviceIPAddressList?

A: The deviceIPAddressList attribute id 0x12a53 contains a list of the ip addresses Spectrum knows about for the device. When Spectrum receives a trap, it checks the agent address of the trap and checks to see if a model has this ip address associated. Spectrum will process the trap on ALL models if finds that have this ip address.

This is mentioned in the following article (it was not written specifically for this question, but it has the related info):


Q: Why are values in the "Value" column different. Is this due to ModelType or DeviceType differences?

A: This value is the interface index. This can be unique or duplicated (if it's tied to secondary IP addresses).

Q: Why does the output of the attribute 0x12a53 look different between the vnmsh and REST commands?

A: There are no problems or discrepancies with the data stored... It's only a matter of how the information is displayed.

When you use api, the information will be displayed in the same way/format of when you check the related attribute values in oneclick console.

Q: When using rest api to get the attribute value, what is the meaning of the "4." prefix in "oid"? i.e:

<instance value="2" oid="4.xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx."/>

A: The "4." prefix refers to the number of oid terms for fetching the ip address.

The above example is related to an IPv4 address.

An IPv4 address is composed of four sets of 8 binary bits (4 8-bit octets), which are referred to as octets.

If an IPv6 address was configured, we should see the prefix being displayed as "16.", since it's composed of sixteen sets of 8 binary bits (16 8-bit octets),