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UIM - Operator Console CABi System Component missing - Unable to contact probe 'cabi'


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We have deployed CABI and reviewed all configuration and despite everything is correctly configured, the OC Wasp is still not able to locate the CABI. 

The OC cabi pages show "CABi System Component missing"


OS wasp.log shows:

apr 22 10:30:44:194 DEBUG [http-nio-80-exec-8,] Unable to contact probe 'cabi', will try other possible names
apr 22 10:30:44:210 ERROR [http-nio-80-exec-8,] Unable to initialize cabi probe client: Unable to communicate with any of the possible cabi probes: cabi,cabi_external


The Browser Dev tools show:


Error: via F12 browser DEV tools->

'server_info' error

'Page not found" under Network-> 'Response' header

'CA Operator Console - Page Not Found'


Release : 20.3 / 20.3.3 

Component : UIM - CABI


What could cause this issue is incorrect CABI address in the OC Wasp


The OC Wasp is unable to find the CABI, hence is generating this error. 

Verify if the OC Wasp contains a correct CABI key.



cabi = /hubname_domain/hubname_hub/robotname/cabi


This address is case sensitive. 

to ensure the correct address is set in the cabi:


Right click on the CABI probe in IM and select > copy to clip board



In the copied text the exact address will be visible. Copy that and paste it into the OC Wasp. 


Restart CABI Robot and check again