Update Earned Value and Cost Totals Job Performance when RME runs simultaneously
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Update Earned Value and Cost Totals Job Performance when RME runs simultaneously


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The job "Update Earned Value and Cost Totals" has been taking 10 times the time to complete, and sometimes it doesn't complete at all and fails.

This causes incompatible jobs, such as the Time Slicing job, to be stuck in waiting until the job completes.


Release : All Supported



This can happen if the Rate Matrix job is running during the same time frame. 


Make sure the Rate Matrix Extraction (RME) job is incompatible with the Update Earned Value Totals job and disable on-the-fly Rate Matrix via the Health Report Application tab (if enabled)

To make the job incompatible with the Rate Matrix job:

  1. In Clarity go to Administration->Data Administration->Reports and Jobs
  2. Filter for the Update Earned Value and Cost Totals job, then click on the link to the Job
  3. Click on the Incompatible Jobs tab
  4. Click Add
  5. Filter for the Rate Matrix Extraction job
  6. Click the check box next to the Rate Matrix Extraction job and click Add

To disable on-the-fly Rate Matrix

  1. Log in to Clarity as an Administrator
  2. Go to Administration -> Security and Diagnostics -> Health Report
  3. Go to the Application tab
  4. Under General->On-the-fly RateMatrix check if the Value column shows 'Enabled'
  5. If yes, click on the 'Disable' link on the Status column
  6. The value for the On-the-fly option should then switch immediately to 'Disabled'

Note: If this you disable this setting, make sure you are running the Rate Matrix Extraction job via Scheduled jobs.

On Premise customers:

Another option to check if you have on-the-fly matrix enabled is to use the below select query:

select value from cmn_option_values

where option_id =

(select id from cmn_options where option_code='PRJ_RT_RATES_EXTRACTION')

Value will be 1 for enabled and 0 for disabled).

Additional incompatibility to check:

Additionally, make sure the Update Earned Value Total job is incompatible with itself

Additional Information

If the above doesn't help:

For more information regarding Rate Matrix Extraction job scheduling see also: