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Display Custom Signon Messages When Violating Top Secret NEWPW Restrictions


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Top Secret


When Top Secret processes a signon, is there a way to display a custom signon messages?

For example: "Repeating three characters in a row is not permitted."

Or: "Using your name inside the password is not permitted."


Release : 16.0

Component : CA Top Secret for z/OS


The functionality to give specific sign on error messages is currently not supported in Top Secret Security. Instructions on how to submit an enhancement request can be found here:

Ideation - Enhancement Request

There is a TSS control option that displays a generic signon error message for invalid signon attempts. Issuing this generic message (instead of more detailed messages) makes it more difficult for a hacker to determine a valid user ID/password/password phrase. Explaining why a password fails could help hackers narrow down the password combination. 

This generic message control option uses the TSS MODIFY command entry method and parameter file entry method. TSS MODIFY GENSMSG(YES|NO) - does not require recycling but only lasts till the next IPL. To make permanent, change the setting in the parmfile, which does require recycling to take effect.

GENSMSG—Produce a Generic Signon Error Message