CA Deliver / CA View Upgrade
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CA Deliver / CA View Upgrade


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We are upgrading CA View and CA Deliver from 12.2 to 14.0 and would like to clarify on versioning the databases.

Our test, dev and prod systems share the same SAR and VIEW databases and we are wondering whether performing DB Versioning, OLOAD and BLOAD as part of upgrade in test systems might have an impact on our Dev and Prod systems.

Could you please clarify if we can perform the above mentioned steps in our test systems for the upgrade and it will not have any impact on our other systems?


Release : 14.0

Component : CA Deliver


The client had the following setup:

CA Deliver -

 . Release 12.2 run on 3 systems (TEST, DEV, and PROD).

 . RMOSTC running on the 3 systems.

 . All RMOSTC instances use the same Deliver database. 

CA View - 

 . 3 SARSTC tasks and 3 View databases.

 . All SARSTC tasks run on system PROD. 

 . Two instances of View running release 14.0. 

 . One instance of View running release 12.2. 

As there was only the one Deliver database being used on 3 different systems, it was asked that the client:

 . Upgrade the Deliver code to release 14.0 on all systems. 

 . Version up the database (including panels and banners).