Data Collector showing Not Connected status after a network outage
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Data Collector showing Not Connected status after a network outage


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration DX NetOps


Our company had a severe network outage and now the Data Collector (DC) is showing in the NetOps Portal as Not Connected.

We have restarted the DC services on the server but only the ICMPD daemon service and the ActiveMQ service remain started. The dcmd service fails to remain running.


All supported DX NetOps Performance Management releases


The Data Aggregator (DA) was found running but the disk space on the partition where it's installed was full.

As a result the DA was failing to complete the connection request from the restarted Data Collector.


Resolve the disk space issue on the DA. Restart it and the problem DC(s).

In this instance the DA was allocated 10 GB on a partition shared with other tools. Due to the limited space available the normal DA logging and backup log data.bak* directories filled up the disk space available.

The minimum required Disk Space for a basic DA according to the Sizing tool is 50 GB. Having 50 GB minimum would likely have prevented this outage.

To view basic system requirements, or to configure a sizing recommendation specific to your environment, lease review the DX NetOps Performance Management Sizing tool.