Monitoring Messaging Gateway memory usage via SNMP
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Monitoring Messaging Gateway memory usage via SNMP


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Messaging Gateway


The Messaging Gateway (SMG) system provides real time access to system metrics including memory utilization via the monitor system CLI command but it may be more convenient to monitor memory utilization via the SMG SNMP interface.


Release : 10.7.0

Component :


SMG monitor command output

smg [10.7.4-13]> monitor system

   system:     %user      %sys     %wait      memt      memu      memf
               5.40%    32.60%     0.10%   3861608   2265388   1596220

SMG "monitor system" values and coorsponding SNMP OIDs

   monitor system value  SNMP OID
Total physical memory (RAM)  memt
Memory in use  memu
Free memory  memf -


Note: Due to changes in how memory is managed in the linux kernel, the kernel /proc/meminfo and linux `free` command includes an "available" value to represent the total amount of memory available for process creation. This value is not currently available via SNMP but is approximately equal to the free memory plus the kernel memory buffers plus the cached memory. In terms of the SNMP OIDs this works out to:

Available memory: - + +