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Client Automation - How to configure a proxy web in CIC with mode Online Export ?


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CA Client Automation - IT Client Manager CA Client Automation


In CIC in mode Online Export, it is possible to configure a HTTP proxy for CIC (download of list patches and software signatures).



But how configure the Proxy Web for the download of PM Patches ?


CIC Manager Web interface does not provide the possibility to fill the Web proxy name and port used the download of patches.


Client Automation 14.0 SP2


1- Open a case at CA Broadcom Technical Support and ask for the fix T55V217.
2- Install the fix T55V217 on CIC (Online Export).
3- Stop CIC Manager and make sure that service "CA Content Import Client Service" is not running
4- Open a cmd with Administrative privileges and execute these 6 lines.
Put the correct values in the 3 first lines.
set CICDIR=C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\SC\CIC
set PROXYPORT=8080
echo update ca_cic_manager set value='%PROXYNAME%' where name in ('download.config.httpProxy', 'download.config.ftpProxy') ; > "%CICDIR%\bin\update_proxy.txt"
echo update ca_cic_manager set value=%PROXYPORT% where name in ('download.config.httpPort', 'download.config.ftpPort') ; >> "%CICDIR%\bin\update_proxy.txt"
"%CICDIR%\jre\bin\java" -cp "%CICDIR%\lib\h2-1.3.157.jar" -url "jdbc:h2:%CICDIR%\bin\content" -user cicuser -password CAC0nt3nt!4CIC -script "%CICDIR%\bin\update_proxy.txt"