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Custom JRE gets removed when AutoSys is upgrade from version 12.0 to release 12.0.1


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CA Workload Automation AE


Custom JRE gets removed when AutoSys is upgraded from version 12.0 to release 12.0.1


Delete JRE folders action is invoked by the installer in case of upgrade from 12.0 to 12.0.1, The delete action should be called only  when the upgrade is from 11.X.X 


This issue is fixed in the next release. 



Execute the attached script based on the platform before performing the upgrade of AutoSys/ AutoSys WebUI servers.


Steps to be followed:

1.) Download and copy the script to the machine where AutoSys/AutoSys Web UI is installed.

2.) Give execute permission to script if it is a Linux/Unix machine.

3.) cd <iso mounted directory>

4.) Execute the script by giving the full path of the script. Example: /tmp/

5.) Once the installer comes up, perform the upgrade.


This script should be executed just before upgrading to r12.0.SP1 from r12.0
This script is not applicable when bundled JRE is used




1619126330639__AutosysR12UpgradeCustomJRE.bat get_app get_app