New UX staff Access Rights no longer auto assigned in 15.9
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New UX staff Access Rights no longer auto assigned in 15.9


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After upgrading to 15.9.x it was noticed that staff auto access rights are no longer auto assigned

Steps to reproduce: 

  1. Open a project in MUX
  2. Go to Staff
  3. Add a resource
  4. Add an Assignment to a task for that resource within that project

Expected behaviour 

Clarity auto assigns instance rights to the resource as follows: 

  • Projects - Navigate (Global)
  • Project - View Tasks (Instance)
  • Project - Task Management (Instance)
  • Status Report - View - All (Global)

Actual result:

No rights are auto granted. 

This still works as expected in 15.8.1. 

The new behaviour can be reproduced in standard Clarity 15.9.0 and 15.9.1. 




Clarity PPM  15.9.1


New assignment layout does not assign auto access rights


New assignment layout was introduced in 15.9.x


There are two places where the staff access rights are automatically granted in 15.9.x:

  • CONVERSATIONS Module - Details Fly-out, Staff tab 
  • TASK LIST Module (the old module) - Details Fly-out, Assignments


Additional Information

Upgrade action 15.9.0