OC shows CABI is not available or accessible
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OC shows CABI is not available or accessible


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


After upgrading from UIM 20.3 to 20.3.3 when customer logged into the OC, they were seeing:

Error: CABI is not available or accessible


UIM 20.3.3

CABI 4.30


Follow the below step:-

a) Right click on the cabi probe

b) Go to the bottom “Edit” and copy to clipboard. 
c) Paste the output into a notepad file and take a copy of the probe address. 
   Example: /uim_domain/uim_primary_hub/uim_robot_cabi/cabi

d) Go to the UMP/OC Robot, press shift and right click on the wasp probe and select Raw Configure. Add a “New Key” under the setup section:   
- Key name: cabi
- Key Value: /uim_domain/uim_primary_hub/uim_cabi_robot/cabi

Drag and drop the below packages to the CABI robot: 

- uim_unified_reporter_pack version 1.04
- uim_cabi_health_report_pack version 1.31
- uim_cabi_availability_report_pack version 1.00
- uim_core_dashboards_pack version 2.46
- uim_mcs_dashboards_pack version 1.0.0