Unable to add new device, getting error SPC-OCC-11882
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Unable to add new device, getting error SPC-OCC-11882


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CA Spectrum


Trying to add a new device, getting error: SPC-OCC-11882, verified that Destroy threads in use never goes to zero, it's stucked on 15 .


Release : 10.4.1

Component : Spectrum Discovery & Modeling


SpectroSERVER was stuck at trying to destroy the model. The most likely culprit is database corruption. Unfortunately, there are no tools available to check the integrity of the SpectroSERVER database nor to repair database corruption.

Run a database backup. Start a Spectrum Control Panel and click on the Save Database button. Then, click on the "Begin Backup Now" button. 

If you get a good backup of the database, try to shutdown the SpectroSERVER process by clicking on the Stop SpectroSERVER button. 

The SpectroSERVER may not shutdown if the destroy thread is hung. If it does not, kill the SpectroSERVER process. Then, click on the Restore Database button and restore to the database backup you just created. 

Once the restore is complete, start the SpectroSERVER by clicking on the Start SpectroSERVER button.

What should happen is the SpectroSERVER model activation process should see this model is flagged for deleting and delete it at startup.

If you are not able to get a good backup, then shutdown the SpectroSERVER and restore from a recent database save.