Unable to find the Spectrum Report Manager Response Time reports, SPM reports
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Unable to find the Spectrum Report Manager Response Time reports, SPM reports


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


We have Spectrum 10.4.0 integrated with CABI Jasper 7.1.1 and we are unable to find the Spectrum Report Manager (SRM) Response Time reports in Jasper.


Release : 10.3.0 or greater integrated with CABI Jasper

Component : Spectrum Report Manager


The SRM Response Time reports were only available with Spectrum 10.2.3 and below integrated with CABI BOXI.

These reports are not available with Spectrum 10.3.0 or higher integrated with CABI Jasper.


Response Time reports were only available in CABI BOXI 4.1 SP3. 

Support for CABI BOXI 4.1 SP3 was dropped starting in Spectrum 10.3.0 where CABI Jasper Reports Server support started.

These reports are no longer supported in Jasper.

However, the data is still available in the reporting database. We publish the reporting database schema in the documentation.

Please refer to the "'reporting' Database" section of the documentation located at https://techdocs.broadcom.com/us/en/ca-enterprise-software/it-operations-management/spectrum/10-4-2/getting-started/spectroserver-and-ca-spectrum-databases-overview/reporting-database.html

After going to this section of the documentation, filter for "spm" and you will find the database schema for the spm tests (spmbasictestresults, spmhttpfulltestresults, spmjittertestresults, spmtest, spmtestchangelog, spmtesttype)

Using this database schema information, you can create custom reports for the SPM tests using either the Jasper ad-hoc reporting or your own mysql reporting utility for report creation.

The Domain for spm tables is not created, so you will need to create it first to include all "spm" tables in it. The data source to use for this new domain is root-Public->ca->Spectrum->datasources->spectrum_ds.
On this domain you will need to include the spm tables and it is also recommended to include the model and time_dimension tables.

In CABI Jasper Home Page you will find the links to create a Domain and an Ad hoc Report. You will also fine a link to a brief tutorial that explain how they work.