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ACF2 - How to deploy a CERTAUTH certificate for HTTPS Connections


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Example deployment of a Tamz CERTAUTH certificate stored in ACF2 keystore for HTTPS Connections.


Deploy Tamz CERTAUTH certificate for HTTPS Connections

Step 1

Generate the CA ACF2 certificates and EXPORT the CERTAUTH.tamzca to a z/OS file for deployment to a web browser keystore.

//ACFBATCH EXEC PGM=ACFBATCH                                           
//SYSPRINT DD SYSOUT=*                                                 
//SYSIN    DD *                                                       
GENCERT CERTAUTH.tamzca EXPIRE(mm/dd/yy) LABEL(certauth.tamzca) -
GENCERT tamstc.tamzstc SIGNWITH(CERTAUTH) LABEL(certauth.tamzca) -
 EXPIRE(mm/dd/yy) LABEL(tamstc.tamzstc) SUBJ(ou="tamz-stc")

Step 2

FTP download the z/OS file 'PUBLIC.DEMO.CERT0421.EXPORT' to your PC in ASCII format. In this example the z/OS file is downloaded to the PC with a filename of TAMZCA.cer.

Step 3

Open Internet Explorer Browser and click on the settings icon :


Step 4

Next click on ‘Internet options’:


Step 5

Next click on the ‘Content’ tab from Internet Options:


Step 6

Next client on ‘Certificates’ button:


Step 7

Next click on ‘Import’ button:


Step 8

Next click on ‘Next’ button to use the Certificate Import Wizard:


Step 9

Next click on ‘Browse’ button to locate the directory containing the TAMZCA.cer file that you downloaded:


Step 10

Next select the ‘TAMZCA.cer’ certificate on your PC and click ‘Open’ button:


Step 11

Next, after selecting the directory and file name, click on the ‘Next’ button:


Step 12

Next click on the ‘Browse’ button and select the ‘Certificate Store’ that you want to install the certificate into:


Step 13

Next review the Import settings and click on the ‘Finish’ button:


Step 14

Next click on the ‘OK’ button after the successful Import: