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CAIRIMU PROD command displays (******<NA>******)


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After implementing new LMP keys, used the CAIRIMU PROD command to view detailed licensing information about the installed CA products...


Two lines of the output include the following information:

CAS9087I    PROD (xx) VIOLS|WARNS/STAT(001/Y) WARNSTART(******<NA>******)
CAS9088I     EXPIRY1(******<NA>******) EXPIRY2(******<NA>******)
  • The key "xx" shown appears to be for a product we no longer run.
  • The KEYS file does not contain an entry for PROD(xx).
  • Is there something we need to do to get rid of this phantom entry?


A product LMP check was made for a product/feature for which no LMP key has been loaded. This is why WARNSTART/EXPIRY1/EXPIRY2 contain no values.

  1. Issue command CAIRIMU PRODV or CAIRIMU PROD(xx). You should see the same messages plus an additional message indicating when the violation(s) was issued.
  2. Use this date to search syslog for a CAS9180E message for the same product code. This should tie back to who/what triggered the LMP call and thus the violation.
  3. With this knowledge you should be able to rectify who/what called the program tied to PROD(xx).


Release : 15.0
Component : CA Resource Initialization Manager(Comm)


After identifying who/what called the program resulting in the license check, work with that product team to identify how to prevent execution.

If necessary, call or open a new case with CA/Broadcom technical support for the associated product involved.