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UIM - MCS profile does not show any "Last Deployed" date


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CA Unified Infrastructure Management On-Premise (Nimsoft / UIM)


When an MCS profile is deployed successfully, the details windows does not show any  "Last Deployed" date 


If we look at the device level, Last deployed fields is populated:

This can be reproduced with any profile.


What are we missing? 


Working As Designed


Release : 20.3



It is expected that the "Last deployed Date" shows only at the Device Level and not at Group level.

'lastdeployeddate' info for group level profiles has never populated the Group Type Profiles in the Database. 


The profiles at a group level are not deployed, but they are only created in the DB.

At a device level, instead, MCS deployes the profiles that are derived from groups -  deployment date at device level is actually visible. 


This is not something new in UIM 20.3 but is has always been like this. Below representation from UMP:

Additional Information

If you look at ssev2Profile table, you will be able to see that none of the group profiles (has group_id filed) have a lastDeployedDate for the reasons described above