Tracking and Preventing SLA Event Cancels
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Tracking and Preventing SLA Event Cancels


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Is there a way to track who has cancelled a given SLA event and is also interested in preventing such users from cancelling SLA events.  End users can go into SLA events and invoke the Cancel link on an SLA event.  Can this activity be tracked to determine the end user who performed the cancellation, and can it also be prevented?


Release : 17.3



Identifying the end user who initiated the Cancel of an SLA event is not available in the present functionality of Service Desk Manager.  This activity is not logged or tracked, as cancelling a SLA Event can either mark the event as "Cancelled" or the given SLA Event entry is deleted outright without any record of the end user's action. 

As for preventing the cancellation of an SLA event, the best option is to modify web form xx_stype_tab.htmpl and disable the code to Cancel the event, which appears to be this line:

var atev_action=msgtext("Cancel");

Additional Information

Note:  The above information on modifying the xx_stype_tab.htmpl form is provided for informational purposes only.  Support is not permitted to assist in developing any form customisations as such changes are beyond the scope of Support.