Posting time against ideas: Effort task creation
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Posting time against ideas: Effort task creation


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Users are unable to post time against ideas. Track mode and Open For Time Entry settings are correct and there is nothing obvious that suggests what the issue is.

Further looking we noticed that there is no effort task created for the ideas where users are unable to post time



Clarity 15.7.1 and above


The Allow Effort Task Creation option is disabled.

Prior to 15.7.1 this setting used to affect projects only. With the use of custom investments, this setting must be on if an effort task is to be created when assigning a Staff member through the Modern UX

If the setting is off, the Effort Task is not created if the team member is added to ideas on the Classic UI.

The settings must be enabled, if assignments are made on the Modern UX


Administration > Project Management > Settings

Ensure the Allow Effort Task Creation is enabled.

Note: Once Effort Task setting is turned on user will need to remove resource from the team and add it again in onder for the Effort Task to get created.

Additional Information

Please see:

PPM 15.9.1 Doc

Custom Investment Effort Task

You use the Administration, Project Management, Settings page in Classic PPM to select or clear the Allow Effort Task Creation option. If this option is selected, an effort task would be created on the investment, when a Staff Member is added to the investment. In previous releases of Clarity, this option only applied to the Project Object. This setting applies to custom investments from Clarity 15.7.1 onwards.

In Classic PPM and Classic PPM XOG:

When staff members are added to NPIOS: Ideas, Applications, Assets, Products, Services, and Other Work, the Effort Task is ALWAYS created. This is because Classic PPM NPIOs do not support task operations and additional tasks - therefore the Effort Task is Required for Classic PPM NPIOs to support posting actuals on the investments.

In Classic PPM, projects are the only instances that honor this setting. NPIOs created in Classic PPM ignore this setting and always get the Effort Task.