How do we move UIM models between SpectroSERVERS?
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How do we move UIM models between SpectroSERVERS?


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CA Spectrum


We are integrating UIM with Spectrum and we have thousands of models which we want to spread out amongst SpectroSERVERs to
  balance some of the load.  How do we do this and how do we specify which UIM models go to each SS?


Release : 20.2

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


The Spectrumgtw probe has a 'Multi-Tenancy Support' option. When this is enabled the probe allows for UIM Origins to be mapped
   to specific Spectrum landscapes in a One-to-One or Many-to-One fashion.

Configure the Spectrumgtw probe via the UIM AdminConsole

- enable the 'Multi-Tenancy Support' option
- Save the Configuration


* When the Spectrumgtw configuration page reloads after the save, a new 'Multi-Tenancy Mapping' section should
      now be available on the left hand side.

- Select the 'Multi-Tenancy Mapping' option on the left hand side

      Note: The 'Multi-Tenancy Mapping' section is not initially visible and only appears after the Multi-Tenancy Support option  
                   is enabled and the UI reloaded

- Under the 'UIM-Spectrum Mapping' section
       - Click 'New'
       - Under 'CA UIM Origin' select the UIM Origin to map from the pulldown
       - Under 'CA Spectrum landscape' select the Spectrum landscape to map from the pulldown

- Save the configuration when done. This will trigger the Spectrumgtw to restart and perform a Synchronization after start