SYSVIEW capture MQ error message CSQX658E
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SYSVIEW capture MQ error message CSQX658E


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SYSVIEW Performance Management


We had an incident when a message was generated and it appeared in the MQ log but not the system syslog. We have automation in place to generate tickets when errors are seen on the syslog. Since this message appeared in MQ log,  is there a way to have sysview to either send message to syslog or generate the ticket? Below is the MQ message that appeared which caused an outage due to the nature of error.  The message only appeared once so it was very hard to determine the nature of the problem:

+CSQX658E +AFDT CSQXRESP SSL certificate has expired,  611


Release : 16.0

Component : SYSVIEW


The attached file is the JESMSGLG of the queue manager address space which shows the message.  

01.40.19 STC01362  +CSQX658E +xxxx CSQXRESP SSL certificate has expired,  611
    611              channel xxxx.DF.SERVER
    611              connection ##.##.#.#
NOTE: ##.##.#.# is actual IP address

SYSVIEW does not monitor messages that get generated to the JESMSGLG for any address space. I believe OPS can handle this (provided that you had OPS/MVS). If you don't have OPS, then IBM should change their code in MQ to write it to SYSLOG.