Cloud Detection Server no longer replicating incidents
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Cloud Detection Server no longer replicating incidents


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Data Loss Prevention Cloud Detection Service


  • You notice that your Enforce server is no longer receiving incidents from your cloud detection server although it has been successfully enrolled and operational for some time
  • The CDS may show connected or disconnected state in the Enforce console
  • Restarting the Detection Server Controller service on the Enforce server does not resolve the issue, although the connection status may now show connected if it did not before
  • You have verified that you are able to access the appropriate gateway from the Enforce server, and that no proxy configurations are suppressing the connection - see resolution steps in this article for guidance
  • You have verified that the Enforce DB has sufficient capacity to receive incidents and is connecting normally
  • You have adequate free disk space on the Enforce server drives


Release : 15.x

Component : Cloud Detection Server


In rare cases, a corrupted incident may be preventing replication of the incidents to the Enforce.


Please contact Broadcom support to raise a case.

Provide the Detection Server ID in the case. (View this by clicking on the details of the problematic CDS in the System | Servers and Detectors Overview page in the Enforce console)