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Siteminder Compatibility with Apache 2.2.34 and WebLogic 10.3.6


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When implementing an environment, one might like to know if Apache
2.2.34 and WebLogic 10.3.6 are compatible with Policy Server 12.8.




Policy Server 12.8 on RedHat



Yes they should be compatible as each component is totally independent
to each other.

You should note that Apache 2.2.34 is not maintained anymore (1).

You should also note that WebLogic 10.3.6 is not maintained anymore as
support ended in December 2018 (2).

Additional Information



    Apache httpd 2.2 End-of-Life 2018-01-01

      As previously announced, the Apache HTTP Server Project has
      discontinued all development and patch review of the 2.2.x series of


    when support ends weblogic server 10.3.6?

      Error correction will be provided through the end of the Premier
      Support period (December 2018) and the end of Extended Support
      periods (December 2021),