Copying Application dictionary into another CV
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Copying Application dictionary into another CV


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Coping  the Application dictionaries from production CV into another  CV. The size and page-range of  two dictionary areas is identical in both central versions.

The user databases do have different page ranges in the two CV'S

Is it possible to copy  using DFDSS -- as in dialog/maps/subschema load modules ?



Release : All releases

Component : CA IDMS/DB


Application dictionary can be copied to another CV  if the physical attributes (page size and page range) are the same.

However, if the involved dictionaries contain schema definitions that describe pre-existing databases, care must be taken to ensure that the "from" schema will match the physical attributes of the "to" database.

Subschema Load modules do not contain area or record page ranges, but  depending on how certain things are defined in the Schema there can be some physical database definitions in the subschema load module.   

Things such as sub-area page ranges or the Index Block contains and Displacement definitions can be in the Schema.

 So if application Schemas have any different definitions that relate to physical definitions in the Schemas, then  Schemas and Subschemas should be copied to the target CV reflect the current definitions.  (perhaps punch all application schema/SS source from the "TO" CV to compare to the "FROM" CV before doing the copy) 

 If application Schema/subschema source is identical on the two CVs and the only differences are page range and page sizes (which only reside in the DMCL) then it should be OK copying the identically defined DDLDML and DDLDCLOD from one CV to another.