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Use of userId GET attributes for a Single User with REST API


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CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


This articled shows screenshots as an example of the usage of 'id" parameter of the PAM APIDOC method - Get api.php / v1 / users.json {id}?



Release : 3.3

Component :  CAPAMX


"userId" and "userName" are two different fields for  PAM users . In the API DOC interface of the method get api.php / v1 / users.json {id}?, the id should be  referring to "userId".


1. The “userId” is a numeric field that can be retrieved via the method for “Get all users” that in turn needs to be specified in the get api.php / v1 / users.json {id}? Please refer to the screenshots below for guidance and note once a valid “userId” is provided a return code of 200 and required data is returned.

In the above call you can retrieve users’ information based on “provisionType” attribute

2.  The output of above command will return an array of user data like such where the “userId” is returned.

3. Use the returned userId in the get api.php / v1 / users.json {id}?


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